If you have any Answers that are missing.............let me know

1: unknown
2: Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar.
3: Irish folk drum - and according to Seamus Ennis "with a penknife".
4: The melody has been played since the middle ages, but Paul Simon heard it from Martin Carthy.
5: ABC is an ASCII (plain-text) music notation popular on the internet.
6: Reels & jigs have 2 main beats/bar. In a jig each is divided into 3, whereas in a reel its 2 or 4.

Missing Persons

01: Adam Ant aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa02: Billy Idol aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa03: Bonnie Tyler
04: Bono aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa05: Chaka Khan aaaaaaaaaaaaa 06: Bob Dylan
07: The Edge (U2) aaaaaaaaaaaaaa 08: Lemmy (Motorhead) aaaaaaa 09: Mica Paris
10: Siouxsie Sioux aaaaaaaaaaaaaa11: Sting aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 12: Suggs (Madness)

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